If you or a loved one suffers from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or lower urinary tract symptoms, UroLift may be right for you. Talk to your Jackson Urologist about this minimally invasive procedure to reduce your pain and discomfort today.

What is UroLift?

The UroLift System is a one-time clinical procedure that may provide immediate relief for patients with BPH symptoms. It is a safe alternative to medications and has minimal long-term side effects. UroLift is also the only BPH treatment that does not require heating, cutting or removing tissue – all of which can lead to erectile dysfunction. UroLift is considered a same-day procedure. Your doctor will put you on a local anesthetic for this treatment.

During the procedure, your Jackson Urologist will place the UroLift delivery device in the urethra to access the enlarged prostate. Implants (typically two, but as many as ten) are placed permanently in the prostate’s tissue to lift and hold it out of the way of the urethra, increasing the opening. Then, the delivery device is removed. Some patients feel an immediate sense of relief.

After the procedure

More often than not, patients are catheter-free upon discharge and do not require an overnight hospital stay.

Because this procedure is minimally invasive, recovery time is minimal. There is also no risk of erectile dysfunction, unlike many other BPH treatments. You may feel pelvic pain or a burning during urination after the procedure, but these side effects should subside in two to four weeks.

The implants are placed at the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions of the bladder neck, meaning the distance allows for ejaculation. Erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction are uncommon and thus make this procedure even more attractive, but talk to your doctor if you encounter these issues.

During your recovery, avoid any heavy lifting or straining and try to avoid “just in case” trips to the bathroom — your bladder should be back to optimal functioning soon. Avoid long bouts of sitting, and pursue light exercise as your doctor allows. You should abstain from sexual activity until your Jackson Urologist gives you the all-clear.